Technology solutions for an ever-changing world.


There is always a better way to do something. This single-minded philosophy is the driving force behind everything Mettis does.

We believe in challenging the status quo through tech-enabled opportunities. After identifying technology-based opportunities in the broad global compliance market we then set about creating scalable, wide-ranging and cloud-based technology solutions.

Creating Solutions Since 2004

We’ve been developing software-as-a-service solutions (SaaS) for the South African and UK markets for over fifteen years. One such solution is iTax. It was created to deal with the increasing speed and complexity of regulatory change. iTax is now supported and used by many blue-chip firms to process and submit information to the SA Revenue Services, with over 6 million transactions processed to date.

Setting our sights on the growing need to reduce the ‘heavy lifting’ involved in regulatory change projects, we worked with a UK based financial services advisory and compliance consulting firm to develop a solution to distribute positional reviews to clients, evaluating and monitoring levels of compliance to the FCA’s TCF regulation. The result was the first iteration of our Metior technology.

Next, we built a risk and compliance assessment tool for a South African consultancy, designed for a British multinational telecommunications conglomerate subsidiary in South Africa, to help them comply with the Protection of Personal Information Act (GDPR being the global equivalent).

Metior hit the sweet-spot with its highly configurable and powerful assessment capabilities, proving consulting firms could be empowered to ‘punch above their weight’, competing against global giants.

We then worked with one of London’s leading global compliance and regulatory consulting firms to combine their MiFID II domain expertise with our Metior technology to build the MAST: MiFID II Analyser Solution and Tracker tool.

Seeing opportunities to build solutions for the UK market, we wanted to develop our Metior technology to enable the seamless development of risk and compliance solutions, developing ‘fit-for-purpose’ modules to facilitate this.

Through on-going R&D and client learning, Metior Hub was created and has matured into a highly configurable, cloud-based technology architecture with modules that enable rapid development of customised compliance solutions.

Partner With Us

Financial services, telecommunications and healthcare are highly regulated industries. And these regulations are highly complicated. We’re always looking for opportunities to disrupt and improve things through tech-enablement. And we enjoy working with like-minded partners who view technology as a strategic tool to respond to global change. Partners who:

  • Accept change is inevitable
  • Want to create technology-differentiated opportunities
  • Want to change the way industry works
  • Value responsiveness and speed-to-market

Speak to us today to hear how we can partner with you to create a tech-enabled solution that challenges the status quo. Whether it is to increase market competitiveness, drive cost-efficiency, digitise business processes, or ensure consistent service delivery, we’d love to combine your expertise with our technology capability.

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